When and why choose OPEN SOURCE solutions

Ales Stiburek, Service Desk Manager, shared our experience with deploying the open source OTRS Service Desk system with IT managers during a seminar “When and why choose OPEN SOURCE solutions” organized by the CACIO Association (Czech Association of IT managers) at the Startup Centre in Prague.

OTRS Free is a flexible Open Source solutions for service management systems, which offers a variety of features and options, including the development of functionalities during operation, automatic SLA assignment according to the type of request and customer, SLA tracking and escalation, SLA performance evaluation, email notifications, controlling of requests and their solutions, web services, mobile applications and a customer portal.

Such Open Source solution was and still is beneficial to our environment, mainly due to the open code that can be modified, the community, which contributes to its improvement, the extensive database of “Best Practices” and last but not least, zero license fees.

We can evaluate the Open Source solution as a good choice. It is a system that meets the original requirements, it was acquired without license fees and it is a tool with a wide community. The OTRS Free solution provided us with not only a better understanding of customer requirements and simplified the distribution process and its solutions, but also sped up ticket processing.

The OTRS Service Desk solution is subjected to internal and recertification audits annually and with positive results.

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