Software, Service and Support

Given rapid IT advancement and growth, continuous development and upgrades of software applications are crucial to their flawless functionality. This may involve improvement of the application’s functionality as well as extended functionality required by new operating systems and other changes. This is why scanservice, as part of their software service, provides software application updates for all supported software products

When necessary, the client’s requests are addressed by scanservice staff in cooperation with the software manufacturer’s own programmers. As a result of long-time cooperation, scanservice staff has been authorized to support specific software products. Many solutions and suggestions by scanservice IT department staff have been included in the actual development of production software. Operational reasons often call for the need to update the installed software with additional tools, features, extended functionality, etc. scanservice provides full support in these cases, starting with case study through technical project draft, right to the complete development of a custom-made software application.


scanservice will design optimal software solutions tailored to client’s specific requirements. The design includes selection and recommendation of the most suitable software, operational procedures and setup. We can also suggest potential program adjustments to customize the final solution to not only fulfill the current needs of the client but to also allow for further future development.


Great care is given to installation and basic parameters setup. There are standard steps performed by scanservice software support staff. Correct installation is absolutely vital for flawless functionality of the whole digitization system. More important, it often ensures seamless cooperation of hardware and software components. Only a comprehensive system testing can ensure its long-term seamless operation.


Our experienced programming team guarantees top-quality support for all supported applications. In addition to special modules and programs enabling us to integrate digitization applications with information systems and customer infrastructure, our programmers developed a full range of their own applications. These can be used for scanning, searching through image archives, etc.


Once the installation is completed, we train the operational staff for actual work, as well as individual activities using the installed applications. The extent and focus of training is agreed upon with the customer in advance. They correspond to specific customer needs and also to the expertise of specific staff members who will perform individual operational activities.

It primarily involves:

  • System Administrator training
  • IT and Application Software Administrator training
  • Operator training (scanning, indexing, and/or other activities)
  • Application Software Operator training


Software provided by manufacturer including maintenance:

scanservice provides SW support and maintenance on the manufacturer’s behalf for the following:

  • repair patches
  • update
  • upgrade

All software provided by scanservice is supported, including support and maintenance via phone, fax or e-mail for the following:

  • breakdown solutions
  • functional tasks backup
  • consultation during new task development and system setup
  • system development

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