Document archive digitization

We offer one-time digitization of any archive that includes descriptive data needed for subsequent storage and retrieval of digitized documents in the DMS, CMS or other repository.

We deliver to all archive owners, who need to free up space or need a quick access to stored documents. Our customers include:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • State administration
  • Local authorities

The archive can be digitized at the secure scanservice premises or directly at the customer’s site. In this case, we build the digitization station at the customer’s site by supplying scanners, workstations, server and our staff.

The archive contents determine the type of scanner used. Regular size documents are processed on Kodak document scanners, while large formats (technical or architectural drawings) require large-format sheet fed scanners. Both types of scanners use the Kodak Capture Pro application. The quality of all scanned images is checked during scanning.

After scanning, indexing is done directly in the Kodak Capture Pro scanning application or in ScanIndex.

Scanned documents and extracted data are delivered to the customer in the required format (PDF/A and XML files).

Security and quality of processing are equally as important to us as they are to our customers. This is why we offer an audit trail of all processing steps using the ScanLog software, developed by scanservice. The customer can monitor the processing status of their documents at any time.

Quality management is included in each project. A specific quality plan based on customer requirements is developed during the early stages of the project preparation.

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