Digitization of books, periodicals and special formats


We provide digitization in accordance with NDK (National Digitization Library) standards not only for historical and current book and newspaper publications, but also for any bound documents with specific customer requirements. Current technologies also enable us to digitize not only books, periodicals, chronicles, Birth, Marriage and Death Registers, bound records and other documentation, but also collections of photographs, negatives, newspaper clippings or postage stamps.

Our clients are mainly libraries (project VISK7), museums, municipalities, schools and other organizations who fully appreciate the benefits of digitization.


  • Digitization processed according to the rules and regulations issued by the National Library of the Czech Republic and allowing access to the maximum possible number of archival documents, books and other printed materials to as many users as possible.
  • Digitization processed according to individual requirements and needs of the client.

In both cases, we use practice proven digitization methods that are suitable for the type and quality of the original and that meet the requirements of customers.

The Digitizing LineAutomatic Book Scanner is just one of the many options available in our portfolio of digitizing solutions. It is a complete digitizing system with automatic page turner that scans the book’s contents with no need for an operator. The integrated 4DigitalBooks technology guarantees text continuity and an advanced system of paper detection that ensures no page is omitted or scanned twice. The automatic book scanner will never damage the original and is suitable for all types of both new and old books, magazines, bound newspapers and any other bound documents. The system works with books containing pages of varying paper thickness, structure or porosity, paperbacks or hard covers, and tolerates even slightly deformed covers. 

The main goal of the Digitizing Line is to eliminate the need for manual page turning and to offer exceptional scanning productivity. 4DigitalBooks is in effect a revolutionary robot, designed to handle book scanning with little or no human intervention. The Digitizing Line separates pages with perfect precision, ensuring maximum possible performance. The benefit is that even large digitization projects can be processed in record time. The Digitization Line provides the best digital image quality in a vast array of bound documents regardless of paper, binding structure, format or page thickness. This guarantees high OCR quality and an easy format conversion. The entire digitization process is carried out in a temperature controlled environment and all materials that come in contact with the book and its pages comply with document protection requirements. They have been specifically selected to guarantee the book’s protection and are chemically non-reactive.


scanservice works closely with the Swiss based 4DigitalBooks corporation, the leading provider of scanning solutions for large capacity robotic digitization of written cultural heritage. In 2011, we added the DLmini-i robotic book scanner to our portfolio of Kodak product scanners. High-resolution optical systems, productivity, safe light sources, large-size format up to A2 and a maintenance-free operation are just a few highlights of the DL mini-i.  Original books with fragile bindings that can be damaged are processed manually. The semi-automated scan2page scanner from the same manufacturer can process batches of one hundred or more pieces.

Image editing

An important part of the post-capture quality control process is image editing. To ensure the best possible result, we use the wide range of options that the Page Improver software offers. Images that do not meet the quality standards are scanned again and replaced.


OCR layer may be required for some projects to enhance access and usability. The OCR layer can be provided automatically by using of Adobe Acrobat, Kodak Capture, Abbyy Fine Reader or Abbyy Recognition Server and other software, or by manual editing.

Both cases require a subsequent quality control (validation).


We offer qualified metadata entry structures that correspond with customized projects, including factual proofreading by experts in their field (foreign language texts, old fonts, knowledge of descriptive cataloguing formats). METS standard diagrams include descriptive, administrative and structural metadata depending on the type of document being described. When digitizing in accordance with the NDK standards, scanservice meets all the requirements defined at the following web address: http://www.ndk.cz/standardy-digitalizace


Among the most used output formats are ALTO XML, PDF, PDF/A, multi-TIFF, JP2, DjVu and the popular MS Word and epub.

Handling special formats

Whether it is document scanning or book digitization, we also offer customized processing of orders that include inserts (i.e. folded maps, posters, clothing patterns, cutouts etc.) Another service we offer is digitization of supplementary documentation of index card catalogues. We employ the process of structured and semi-structured document extraction or manual duplication, capturing the cover image and complementary postcard or stamp collections, etc.

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